Contact us for roundwood products.

Our products meet the highest quality requirements, which are confirmed by the company's current FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificate.

These certificates indicate sustainable forest management, gentle forestry processes, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically profitable forest management.


Contact us for roundwood products.

Main product categories are:

  • Saw logs and veneer logs.
  • Pulpwood.
  • Firewood.

Extended product range:

  • Saw logs and veneer logs
    • Pillars and construction logs
    • Pine grades I, II and III saw logs
    • Spruce I, II and III class saw logs
    • Coniferous timber grades I, II and III
    • Small logs
    • Poles
    • Birch finishing blocks
    • Leaf tree saw logs
    • Oak and ash saw logs
    • Containers
  • Pulpwood
    • Pine wood
    • Spruce pulpwood
    • Needle wood pulpwood
    • Birch pulpwood
    • Aspen pulpwood
    • White alder and black alder pulpwood
  • Firewood
    • Mixed wood firewood;
    • Deciduous wood;
    • Conifer firewood;
    • Alder firewood;
    • Birch firewood;
    • Ash firewood;
    • Oak firewood.
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Energy wood

R GRUPA is one of the largest wood chip (green energy) production companies in the Baltics.

We specialise in the production of various segments.

Contact us for wood chip (green energy) production.

Main product categories are:

  • Firewood Wood chips SM1 / SM1W (for heating, production);
  • Grass chip SM1 / SM1W (for heating, production);
  • Deciduous wood chips SM2 (for heating);
  • Softwood chips SM2 (for heating);
  • Mixed wood chip SM2 (for heating);
  • Cellulose chips (for manufacture);
  • Chips (for heating, production);
  • Bark (for heating, production).